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India – US Collaboration Comes into Cargo Growth to Drive

India as well as the U.S. to be white elephant to drive cargo growth

Cargo Growth

India as well as the US is too close to drive the cargo growth, by and by. Between the U.S. and India, it is expected that there would be plenty of international opportunities to come out for breakbulk operators by increased collaboration and investment in joint infrastructure project. Before continue to read more about India- US Collaboration must visit air cargo to India first.


If the pending projects set in with the U.S., then there are a number of hopes to gain the international opportunities as well as new chances for break bulk operators to make the progress more than before. Although India the projects are about to set in, now, yet they are bosom friends for a long time. On the other hands, they have determined to boost the cargo increase and drive the cargo, as well.

What Spokesperson Said?

A spokesperson for the Indian transport ministry said that India- U.S. cooperation is above-board. Indo-U.S. combination in the vital infrastructure sector must try its best to take a new impetus. He further said this cooperation comes into light with a lot of opportunities for not only break bulk operator but also for other major cargo port.

India- U.S cooperation

Huge Projects

It is too good to discuss the major projects of the country to carry out. Shri Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport, Highway and Shipping, has gone to Washington in order to discuss a wide range of projects of mutual interest. The major ports are about to come into development in the sake of cargo handling.


What’s about Investment?

It is expected that a huge amount will invested by different kind of projects. According to ministry, $50 billion invest for infrastructure, and $100 billion is to invest for development, port-led economic increase in the maritime sector, inland waterways, water transport as well, coastal as well as cruise shipping, and solar as well as wind energy.


Ntin Gadkari

India with U.S Metting

Ntin Gadkari is holding bilateral meetings with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx aimed at increasing India’s current 1 billion ton cargo handling.

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