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Iran’s cargo ship Nardis caught fire in Russia

The Fire Started After Diesel Generator Inflamed


About a 128-km in Caspian Sea channel, on Volga, ageneral cargo ship of Iran, Nardis, caught fire. Early reports state that theship was en route from Astrakha, Russia to Enzeli, Iran. On board was sea cargoof various types but the diesel generator, after a short circuit, startedsmoking and engulfed into flames later on. Most of time, to deliver this type of sea cargo services to India or any other country of the world, thesecargo vessels play an important role.


As per initial reports the engine room was where thefire started first and then it extended to the whole cubicle. Soon it became sofurious that the vessel crew found themselves helpless in extinguishing thefire.


They then sent distress signal to the local authorities for help. Rescueship Uglish and icebreaker vessel Kapitan Checkin were the first one to bedispatched at the scene of the accident. Both of them started pouring waterover the now fire engulfed compartments and soon they put the fire undercontrol. The crew members were evacuated without any injury.

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The cargo ship was anchored outside the waterway afterextinguishing the fire completely. The local authorities were expected to be inspectingthe vessel shortly and the ship will be released to resume its voyage once thedamages to the vessel are assessed.The local authorities said in a press release that “TheCaptain Sechkin icebreaker approached the motor ship ready to evacuate thecrew. The crews of the motor ship and the icebreaker managed to extinguish firein one of compartments that caught fire. The process of extinguishing firecontinues. There have been no reports on any injuries.”


The Iranian general cargo ship Nardis (IMO: 9137246)is 98.00 m long with maximum draft of 4.50 m and moulded beam of 16.00 m. Thevessel has deadweight of 3,817 DWT and 2,842 GRT gross tonnage. This ship isoperated under the Iranian flag and was built in 2001. For cost effective shipping services from UK to India must contact

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