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The Dragon is Back! SpaceX Delivers Cargo Successfully

SpaceX’s Dragon Cargo Ship Escaped from Space Station and Splashed down in the Pacific Ocean

SpaceX’s Dragon Cargo

MIAMI (AFP) SpaceX s unmanned Dragon Ship went in the Pacific Ocean, while leaving the International Space Station Wednesday, having 3,700 pounds (1,678 kg) of gear, experiments of science and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. It calmly land in the Pacific Ocean without taking a bit tension while getting a touch of cold water of Pacific Ocean. Before continue to read more about Dragon Cargo Ship, must visit air cargo to India from UK first.


Is it a Good Splashdown?

Yeah, SpaceX wrote on Twitter that it has gotten the good splashdown in Pacific Ocean. It was written after five hours, when the spaceship released from the orbiting research lab.

Splashdown Pacific Ocean

What’s About Next Supply Ship?

The container thrown on April 8 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. There is something about the next scheduled that reveals SpaceX s next supply ship would be depart from earth in June.


What did NASA Say?

NASA said that this cargo includes samples from human research, biology, sciences, biotechnology studies, physical science investigations and some different kinds of education activities. In next, it would like to let itself to contain plenty educational activities that will be related to vary subjects. The spacecraft includes the vary things such as the final batch of human samples and physical science investigation. In March, US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail responsibly completed the one-year mission.

SpaceX s Dragon

Let our Hands to Write about SpaceX s Dragon

SpaceX s is only one, which performs plenty specific efficiencies while returning to earth intact. It likes to fill itself with vary functions, having had a number of systems for cargo from one place to others. The world’s other cargo vehicles are feeling jealousy on re-entry to Earth s atmosphere.


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